DIY Bar cart!

I love to try new things. Whether it be foods, entertainment, or even just new coffee beans from the store. One thing that I absolutely LOVE to do is create and perfect new drinks and cocktails. Who doesn’t want to perfect a dirty gin martini shaken with extra olives, AM I RIGHT?!

When my husband and I moved into our home, one of the first things I wanted, of course, was a bar so that I could make these delicious drinks but by NO MEANS did I want to spend the money to buy one from a store…($100 for a mini bar?! No thank you!) So I decided to create my own!

My hunt began for the perfect cart. I scoured peddlers malls for about a month and ALAS! I found what I was looking for….

Aint she a beaut?

This cart was from the 70’s (or so the tag said…) and man had it seen better days. Can you file abuse charges on furniture?? This poor thing had been painted mint green and plastered with god awful floral wall paper….I wish I could see the room that this was put in….



Anyways, as you can guess the first thing I did was strip this poor, wounded animal of its tainted fur and once all of the paper was removed, I used a spray paint primer to cover up the green…

cart white
The wheels are supposed to be painted, right?

I used this primer for this step! Great coverage and super cheap.

For this particular cart, I picked out a pale yellow for the color. We had painted our kitchen a deep blue so the yellow really pops and looks really great! I used regular paint for this step and applied 2 coats.

And voila! The finished product!

I’m embarrassed that my bar is not fully stocked….


And there you have it! Pretty simple really. The whole project cost me maybe $40? If even that and it looks much better than most carts that you will find online! The wine rack hanging above I got here (when it was on sale) and the paintings I actually painted myself! Again, not about to drop major $$$ on shit I can do myself…

I’ll make a separate post about what to stock your bar with!



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