Mountains in my art room

Over the summer I finally settled on how I wanted to paint my art room/office. There were so many great ideas I found on pinterest and I went back and forth between several ideas but finally settled on a mountainscape in shades of purple. My first intention was for the wall to be an ombre design, but then I realized I could turn the ombre into mountains and voila – a wall-less wall was born!

mountain wall before
opposite and adjacent wall, before

I’m not quite sure on the size of my room, I’d say its maybe  12 feet by 10 feet, and yup it is the largest room in our 3 bedroom 1 bathroom home (but more on my tiny home later), so it was pretty cheap and quick to paint it. I bought 1 gallon of a pale grayish pinkish purple for the main color, 1 gallon of white paint to mix the shades and 1 gallon of dark purple which was used as the darkest shade of the mountainscape and would be used to mix with the white – unfortunately I don’t remember any of the names of these paint colors.

I first painted the 3 other walls, and then just took pencil to wall and sketched out the first couple mountain layers.

tapingmountainAt first I taped some of the lines to help me stay neat, but quickly realized it was a waste of time and tape.


This part was so easy, the next part not so much.

I have never experienced mixing latex paint before, and I was really surprised with how difficult it was to get the right shade. One main thing I took away: a small amount of white paint into the darkest color will lighten up your shade SO MUCH. At least this was my experience, and then even when I would add more dark purple to it it didn’t seem to darken it up at all – it was so WEIRD and so FRUSTRATING to me to see how much dark paint I would pour in and nothing would change! But part of me was having fun so I tried to keep out the negative thoughts. I would say in my first attempt I mixed 2-3 cups of dark purple to 1/8 cup of white and it was way too light for it to work as the next shade up, so I tried again and what came out was decent, but once I saw it on the wall I knew I wanted it to be darker.

Always Sunny always there to keep me company.

Another problem I ran into was how obvious the brush strokes were (I couldn’t use a roller brush because of the irregular shape). For the darkest shade it didn’t appear to be a problem, but as you can see above with the mixed shades it was painfully uneven.  So I mixed some more and mixed again, and redid both of the top 2 layers, I also changed the shape up a bit. Instead of using a brush this time I used my edger painting tool and that solved the brush strokes problem.


In the image above, the second shade up was still not the color I wanted, it didn’t stand out enough from the shade above it. So, I experimented with some more paint mixing and painted it a third time. This time I finally liked it (it looks darker in the picture below than in real life.)


This wall also had a fuse box on it, but I just painted my design over it and it hid it pretty well. Unfortunately, about a week later we had to upgrade our electrical current and the electrician had to rip out our fuse box and install a bigger one. I KNEW the electrician was coming before I painted the room, and I KNEW that more than likely he would have to rip it out, but once I latch onto a project it’s pretty hard to slow me down. Plus I don’t come across free time to take on and finish a big project like this often, so I took advantage of it. The room looks slightly different now – my husband has finished my wall to wall desk that is peaking out in some of the pictures (he is amazing!), and I made a peg board organizer to hang over the new fuse box so it’s not a giant eye sore distracting from my mountains.

There is still a lot of love to give this room, and I hope over the next several months I can finish it (I want to build some hanging shelves and fill the wall space above my desk with art, need to make curtains, need to finish sanding the front edge of the desk, etc), but I love having a pretty space where I can sit and create. My  husband also built me a little bench in the closet for me to curl up on and work or read-I will have to add updated pictures!




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