January: it snowed and i turned 25

I really want to keep up with this blog more often, but sometimes I JUST CAN’T. Justin and I have some pretty serious goals when it comes to our photography and videography, so we’ve really been trying to focus on these things and get in a lot of practice. I’m really happy with where we are though, and having so much fun.

A couple weekends ago it snowed, so naturally I wanted to make sure I got some pictures. I asked wittytitty Amanda to squeeze into a 1950s wedding dress I bought from etsy back in 2009 – yup, 2009 and this thing has pretty much never seen the light of day. You’re probably also thinking why the hell is an unengaged 18 year old buying a wedding dress? All I can say is it was too pretty to pass up. So, what better way to finally justify this 7 year old purchase than go out into the snow and get pictures with it?


I hadn’t gotten to take any pictures of Amanda yet but we had been trying to get it scheduled, so I’m glad it worked out this way because I love the lace against the snow. As soon as we got to the park my suv got stuck, but we left it where it was and went to go take pictures first – priorities! I do have a very clear memory of the beautiful “bride” slipping and sliding trying to heave the car out. It was a hilarious moment for sure.

A couple days later it was my turn to throw on my wedding dress skirt (which I handmade 😀 I’ll post about my dress and wedding later) and go out with Justin in his suit before the snow melted.


I prefer using a remote shutter, but mine stopped working after a couple days (it was the 2nd one I got after the 1st also stopped working…) so instead I could either do the 10 second timer and run through twigs and thorns with my wedding dress catching on to everything, or I could use the Canon app where you can remote shutter from your phone. And yet, I would have preferred the 10 second timer. There is the option of husband helping, but I am stubborn when it comes to my own projects and I prefer for him to just act as a model when in these situations, however I got so frustrated he ended up taking the phone from me before I had a chance to stomp on it. The canon app is ok, but I hate the menus I have to go through to get it set up each time I turn on the camera, and I hate that it takes away the ability to use the LCD on the camera at the same time, and its just not as easy to take self portraits with a big touch screen phone as it is with a tiny remote with one large button on it – see the picture below with phone showing. I could remove that easily, but thats not the point! Plus its not just the possibilty of the phone showing, but hitting the shutter on a touch screen while not looking is something I suck at. I’m sure with more practice I could fall in love with the app, but right now I just want a new (WORKING) remote shutter, or I will stick with the 10 sec timer when in a hurry.




I also turned 25 in January. My dog Potato shares my birthday! So my husband and I made this video to not only practice our filming/editing but also just because we are weird. Plus we wanted to give Potato a nice big steak for his birthday! It’s the first video in a series of 4. Episodes 2 and 3 are finished, but episode 4 has only been filmed. Its pretty ridiculous and dangerous and stupid, and features wittytitty Lauren. I can’t wait to work on it tonight and tomorrow!

Well, that was basically January. Except that was really just the tip of the iceberg.  I was able to finally clean up our hard drive last night; after shooting for only 4 months we racked up so many gigs of unorganized photos and videos it was insane. But hopefully with that task over I can get things under control and post more often in February.





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