Carnival Cupcakes!

Almost a year ago, my amazing friend and fellow WittyTitties blogger Amanda turned 30 years old so Lilly and I decided to throw her a carnival themed birthday party because, let’s be honest, turning 30 can be pretty grim!

We put a lot of thought and effort into this party. Every detail was thought of and planned out, right down to Amanda’s favorite BBQ sauce! Don’t worry, an entire blog post will be going up about the party as a whole later on!

One of our favorite things from the party were the cupcakes. Originally, I had the thought of asking a local baker to help create some carnival themed cupcakes to make them extra special. However, after thinking it over (and not wanting to spend $6 per cupcake) I thought “Hell, I can make them!” And so I did!


These were so easy and surprisingly quick to make. Oh, and of course they were delicious.


STEP #1 for all cupcakes : Bake bake bake!


cupcake 4

First things first, I baked the cupcakes for all the different styles. I just used a boxed cake mix but if I had more time I would have made them from scratch. I used just regular white cake mix but any flavor would be good because cake.

CUPCAKE #1 : Popcorn!

cupcake 2

This cupcake was, by far, my favorite one to make and the most creative! I had seen these cupcakes made before on other websites and when I originally had the thought of having a bakery make these for the party, I KNEW popcorn had to be one of them. You can’t go to a carnival and not have popcorn…


  1. Baked cupcakes
  2. White Icing
  3. Yellow food coloring
  4. Mini marshmallows
  5. Yellow food coloring spray


Step #1 : Make the “popcorn”

To make these popcorn pieces, all you do is take 1 mini marshmallow and rip it in half. Then, take both halves and press them together with your finger tips on all sides creating the shape of a popcorn piece.


Then, you take the glorious invention that is color mist spray and you sprits the “popcorn” unevenly to give it the appearance of butter. You want to make sure that the white of the marshmallows are still showing so that it really looks like popcorn with melted butter

Step #2 : Assemble!

Once your popcorn is all buttered, all you do is color some of the icing with the food coloring, ice the cupcakes and then start putting the popcorn pieces on until you end up with something like this….




CUPCAKE #2 : Corn on the cob!

cupcake 6

This cupcake was definitely the easiest of the 3 and the most hilarious (at least I thought so)


  1. Baked cupcakes
  2. White icing
  3. Yellow food coloring
  4. Assorted white and yellow jelly beans
  5. Corn on the cob holders


Step #1 : Just…make it.

cupcake 13

You literally just ice the cupcakes and stick jelly beans on them in random order, alternating between white and yellow jelly beans….that’s it!

Once you’ve done that, just line them up in groups of 3 and stick a corn holder at the ends of the outer cupcakes. TADA!

CUPCAKE #3 : Snow Cones!


This cupcake was probably the more challenging of the 3 and I only say that because you have to try and get 3 lines of 3 separate colored sprinkles onto a round cupcake….messes will be made…


  1. Baked cupcakes
  2. White icing
  3. Red, Blue, and Yellow sprinkles
  4. Small wooded spoons

cupcale 14

After you’ve iced the cupcakes with the icing, using a spoon you will carefully add each section of the different colored sprinkles, gently patting the sprinkles into the icing so they will stick. It’s important to be careful in the step, otherwise you’ll end up with one mess of a cupcake….


After you’ve added the sprinkles you’re going to take one of the wooden spoons and carefully put it into the cupcake, giving it the appearance of a snow cone with a spoon!

If you’ve not gotten frustrated and given up, your cupcakes should end up like this….

cupcake 3
Snow cones!

And that’s about it! The pictures below are from the actual party.

As I mentioned before, keep your eyes out for future blog posts about other elements of the party, the party as a whole, etc!

We also make corn dogs! All you need are sucker sticks, twinkies, and red and yellow icing!


This ADORABLE cupcake stand I found on amazon! SO PERFECT for the theme of party!




I hope you all enjoyed this post! For a video instruction on how to make these cupcake, please enjoy this little ditty that Lilly’s husband, Justin, filmed for us. Featuring my husband, Evan.



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